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The CLI wallet: manage Ada and develop applications

The command-line interface wallet for the Ada cryptocurrency is a standalone application that runs on a user’s system. The wallet can be used to store, send and receive Ada – but it is also a powerful entry point for software developers to the Cardano blockchain platform.

This HD (hierarchical deterministic) wallet with its command-line interface is the first product from IOHK’s Cardano Rust project.

Behind the lightweight wallet is an open-source toolbox of Cardano’s cryptographic primitives written in the Rust programming language. IOHK’s engineers have created the wallet to provide a secure base on which the world’s programmers – whether they be third-party developers, exchanges or banks – can build bespoke blockchain products.

CLI Wallet Resources

Follow the Rust project discussions, publish and install your crates, and see what’s cooking on GitHub


The CLI wallet is a powerful tool for power users and developers

Lars Brünjes introduces the Cardano Rust API and the CLI wallet for the blockchain. The fast, lightweight Rust language can be used to develop mobile apps for the Cardano blockchain. It complements Haskell, the core language for Cardano.

Lars Brünjes installs the Rust CLI wallet for the Cardano blockchain and shows how to get started.

Alejandro Garcia creates a new wallet, sending and receiving Ada and recovering an old wallet, using the Rust CLI wallet.

In this tutorial, Lars Brünjes builds a complex transaction using four wallets by hand.

Lars Brünjes takes you on a quick tour of the Cardano Rust tool library.