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The Cardano Rust project

The Cardano Rust project has created a toolbox of Cardano’s cryptographic primitives for third-party developers written in the Rust programming language. It is IOHK’s first open-source project, providing a library of wallet and node functions – and a wallet for Ada, the most precisely engineered cryptocurrency yet. IOHK’s engineers aim to open up Cardano to more developers with an open-source library and encourage the worldwide community to build up this resource.

A lightweight way into Cardano

Rust is a lightweight, portable and ‘blazingly fast’ language. It compiles to the web, iOS and Android, platforms that are popular with many third-party developers. The Cardano Rust project sits alongside the Haskell-based Cardano settlement layer as an open-source sandbox for developers who want to build and integrate their own apps, including products for mobile devices. With the command-line interface wallet is a development kit. The repository is open and the aim is for the project (known internally as Prometheus) to develop into a thriving community. In time, the Cardano Rust project will become open to many more developers as programming languages are added in addition to Rust. There will be regular updates as the project progresses.

In summary, this open-source library opens up the Cardano blockchain to a wider range of third parties. They will be able to build wallet applications, integrate new or existing products into the platform and speed up the decentralization of the Cardano system.


Charles Hoskinson, IOHK’s chief executive, sets out the thinking behind the Cardano Rust project

Cardano Rust Resources

Download the files, and join the Cardano Rust community of developers

Tool Section

A modular library of utilities for third-party developers


Cardano package

The Cardano library. This includes full support for the Cardano blockchain and wallets. It also provides helpers to maintain HDWallets and includes a flexible transaction build engine.

Cardano C package

Exports a simple API to use in a C library. It can also be used to write bindings.

Cardano CLI

The Cardano command-line interface provides the following features and functions: • powerful blockchain manager • flexible transaction build engine • download, explore, verify, and analyze functions • can manage multiple wallets: Daedalus, Icarus and custom wallets

Hermes package

Bridge between the Cardano low level network and HTTP layer. Provides an extremely fast blockchain synchronization.

Cardano network

The Cardano network protocol. Provides an implementation to fetch blocks from a remote node and send transactions to a remote node.

Cardano storage

The Cardano storage library. Provides two different levels of functionality; from a low level fast immutable, or append-only file capability (without any data assumptions), to a higher level that is intertwined with the Cardano blockchain itself.